Friday, December 2, 2011

My Strange Dreams 1Dec-2Dec2011

I had a dream I was in some kind of large building with a bunch of other men.  We had met together for some kind of retreat.  Apparently, I either had to prove something, or I just wanted to hit some guy with some animal crackers that I had.  I threw them at him, but it bounced off of a shield that he had.  So, I started to fire so more at him from a plastic container I had.  I was firing them at different arcs.  Bouncing them off the floor, but I never seemed to manage to get any of the animal crackers to explode on him.  They would either miss, or fall off before they could explode.  He taunted me that I couldn't touch him with the animal crackers.

I had to leave, so I got in my car to drive away.  I vowed I would hunt down which cubicle he was in, and pour a whole box of animal crackers onto him.  Either that, or I would sneak one down the back of his shirt.  Then I got out of the car and walked into the house.  As I walked in, I saw my mom and another man.  Apparently there was a new security system in the house, but they couldn't find the card that would disable it.  I asked my mom what it looked like and where it was.  It was a small white business card, and it was somewhere between my knee and waist heightwise in a room in the house.  I started to look around the room we were in.  At one point, I got caught on an opening that wasn't quite big enough for me.  I searched a room, then a laundry room. Then I had to crawl under a desk to get into another room.  I was apparently just a little to big for the table I was crawling under.  I got caught and said 'Ouch!'.  Then I managed to wriggle past the point where I was stuck.  I entered into another laundry room, only this room had a many washers and driers along the wall.  I searched the room and thought of how much of a pain it would be to escape from the room when I was done looking through it.  I wondered why my mom had such a low table blocking the entrance to the room.

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