Monday, December 12, 2011

My Strange Dreams 11Dec-12Dec2011

I was on some kind of cruise ship, and there was a spa area where they did massages.  I thought that working there was pretty hard.  Apparently someone told me that something else in the spa was harder to do.  My shift was over, so I wanted to go to the game room which was down a few flights of stairs.  I came out onto the floor and started to head to the game room.  I thought it was odd that I didn't see anyone around.  I looked, and I could see two popcorn making machines that were full of popped popcorn, but looked undisturbed.  I went ahead and grabbed a bag and started to eat it.  Again, I thought it was odd that I didn't see anyone around.  I walked down some steps, and started walking around on a white floor.   Then a small metal thing began to move.  It had a coiled top, and many legs, all made of metal.  I realized that it was something extremely dangerous, so I quickly smashed it by stepping on it.  About then I realized that I was on the abandoned fourth level.  I got worried, so I started to climb up the stairs.  Then, a mass of writhing metal tentacles appeared behind me.  It was the Metal Dragon.  It was going to catch me and kill me.  I quickly started to run away.  Then a refrigerator opened, and a friend popped out and told me to get in.  He then closed the door.  I quickly ran up, and pulled the door open.  I got into the refrigerator and frantically closed the door behind me.  I hoped that the Metal Dragon wouldn't find me there, and that it would be able to reach the rest of the ship.

That's when I woke up, terrified, with my heart pounding like crazy.  It was pretty hard to fall back asleep after that.

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