Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Strange Dreams 12Dec-13Dec2011

There was a woman who was apparently half tree.  She took us to meet her mother tree.  We could touch the tree and hear what it had to say.  We were trying to figure out which of the trees trunks was the real tree.  The mother tree looked like a pine tree, but there were multiple trunks that reached up to the sky.  One of the kids pushed on the trunk, making it move and sway.  That's when the tree screamed at us to stop, because we were hurting it by pushing the trunks around.  I then wondered how a human and a tree bred.  As I was busy trying to make sense of it in my head, the dream ended.

I was building a white angel deck for Magic the gathering.  I tapped four plains from two different stacks and casted one.

I was going to a movie theater with a friend of mine.  As we waited in line, the doors closed because the movie was starting.  Everyone thought they were out of tickets, except my friend, who pushed me up to the front where a man had a few tickets in his hand.  I quickly bought one.  Inside, I started to move past the concessions area.  Another friend of mine was petting something furry.  We got inside and sat down to watch the movie.  After the movie we were driving back home, and I was all alone in my Prius.  I was turning off of 3300 S in Ogden to try to get home.  I saw a man run across the street.  He had left a group of colorfully dressed women who had their faces covered.  The man was dressed in a white, robe like thing.  I assumed that they were Muslims.  I heard that the man had found them work somewhere on 21st street.  I decided that I could probably give them a ride if they didn't have too many people.  I turned right, then made a U-turn.  It took forever to make the U-turn because there were so many Muslim people crossing the street, and so many cars moving slowly down the road.  Finally, I made the turn, and the guy ran out in the street in front of me, signaling for me to stop.  I talked with him, and tried to ask him how many people I had.  I told him I had seats for four, and maybe five.  I looked over and saw a drink carrier area that I could stow away to make a fifth seat.  The man looked angry at me.  He said that he needed seats for each of his people.  He said something about no lap seats too.  Finally I drove off.

Then I was back in Brazil with my family.  My mother was excited to be seeing all the sights and the sounds.  I was elated to be back as a tourist, instead of as a missionary.  I thought I would be able to see all the cool sights and sounds.  A local man started to talk to me in Portuguese, and I responded in Portuguese too.  I told him I hadn't seen most of these things before.  He wondered why.  I said I was a missionary the last time I was here.  He asked again why I hadn't seen things.  I struggled to find the right vocabulary words. I eventually said that missionaries should be saintly and should preach and speak of Jesus.  While we were talking.  We were watching group after group of Indian people come into an area, do some kind of performance/worship and then move on so another group could come in.  Finally we left that, and were driving.  We drove down into a tunnel that went underground that was also apparently an underwater tunnel.  We could see a display of sorts set up.  Apparently we were driving underneath the library.  I was in awe at how many books there would be.  As were we getting near the end of the tunnel, we saw a display of Muppets.  I thought that was funny.

I was then somehow disguised as a woman, in some kind of fashion design class.  Apparently I was trying to infiltrate it somehow.  A very uptight woman was talking to us about what we had to do.  Eventually, she sat us down.  I was sitting at the end of a row of about 4 other woman.  They showed us a series of 5 part-mannequins, each which was wearing a different article of clothing.  One was wearing a tie, the other some kind of super short shorts, another with shoes, one with boots, and the other with some mid-calf length pants.  All of the example clothing on the mannequins was a swirl of blues, browns, and oranges.  I saw there trying to figure out what kind of tie I would design, and eventually decided that a plain brown tie, like the one I had at home, would be just fine.  That's when a man, who was apparently from the palace, came to talk with us.  He was going to be our representative there.  He came to say hello to us.  He took my hand and kissed it.  Then he let go of my hand as if to move on.  Then he grabbed my hand, kissed it again, and said something like 'Go away'.  then he kissed my hand again, and said something flattering.  He did it again, and again.  I started to blush, and wonder what I would have to do to make this guy leave me alone.  I said 'Obrigado' (thank you, in Portuguese), but he still kept kissing my hand and trying to flatter me.  I tried squeezing his hand.  Maybe I wasn't holding it firm enough.  Finally, he let go, and then squeezed my arm.  He gave me a funny look.  Somehow he had felt the muscles I had on my arm, and was suspicious that I was not a woman.  In my best woman voice, I said something about how I had worked out and my arms were inflamed a bit.  That's when the boss woman said something about there being dirt on my sleeve.  I looked over at my sleeve, which was apparently my pajama sleeve, and I saw some dirt caked on it.  I said something about being out and about, and how I maybe had brushed up against something.  Then it was time to design the clothing.  I looked back at the mannequins, and decided to design some boots.  I could decide if I wanted them to be knee length zipper boots, or if I wanted them longer.  I was excited to be designing my first pair of womanly boots.  The woman next to me then made a comment about all the new shoes we would get.  "A woman can never get enough shoes," she said.  That's when I looked back and all the mannequins had changed to feet mannequins, and they all had different kinds of shoes on them.  I groaned inwardly but agreed with the woman.

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