Monday, December 19, 2011

My Strange Dreams 18Dec-19Dec2011

I had a dream that I knew two little kids new some information about their mother that I really needed to know.  One was a boy and the other was a girl.  They both had big, dark brown eyes.  I remember asking the little girl a question, and as she responded, I knew she was making up a story to try to confuse me.  I knelt down to her level and asked her again, and I could tell by her eyes, that she was lying to me.

I was in the back of a house, when a paladin came out of the front of the house.  I was sure that the man was there to capture me or kill me, so I started to run away from the guy.  At the front of the house, he finally said that he was the new second counselor in the Elder's Quorum, and that he didn't want to capture me.  I finally decided to circle back to see if he was telling the truth, but I didn't trust him.

I was standing around the counter island in my parents house, and I was telling my dad and my little brother a story about when I dreamed about being chased around by a paladin.  I told them how a man with a sword and a shield came out of the house to chase me.

I was on a plane, a plane that we would be sky diving out of.  We were on it just to get a feel for what it would be like on the plane.  I was bored, so I went to go sit by the pilot.  I strapped myself in, and that's when I learned I was in the 'sky diving' chair.  The pilot decided to give me a try for it, and suddenly my chair was flung out of the plane.  The chair was attached to the plane by some thin, clear plastic lines.  Only two of them.  I was terrified.  We were flying really close to the ground, near some kind of resort.  I could see some people that were also sky diving, and they got to sit in these nice metal chairs with orange backs.  They would sit in them until they jumped out of the chairs.  We were flying over a lake, and we got too close to some balloons and the lines from my chair caught them.  Then the pilot turned the plane so hard that the roof of my mouth hurt.  We were flying past a river boat, and some ladies commented on how I was turning too fast.  Then we got back to the station and got ready to make a real jump.  I finally figured out we wouldn't be going on our own.  The guy I was with jumped out, and then we were falling.  I remember seeing two other people holding another person who's parachute was broken.

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