Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Strange Dreams 19-20Dec2011

I was in a room in my house, trying to get some work done.  There were a bunch of blankets in my chair.  I decided to leave, and was in a hallway of an apartment complex.  I didn't feel like continuing to work, even thought it was only 9 o'clock.  I was having a real hard time focusing on the work I had to do.  I carefully avoided one of the women that worked there, and went into a bar/cafe of sorts.  I sat down across the table from a woman, and started to talk to her about some crazy weird powers I had picked up.  As we talked, one of my friend's wife's sisters came into the bar and sat down as well.  We started to discuss the new powers that she had picked up.  I asked her out of the blue if she had read 'Alloy of Law' by Brandon Sanderson.  She said she hadn't yet.  I brought it up because the powers we were picking up seemed to parallel alloymancy.

Suddenly, I realized that some bad men were going to be hunting me down because of my powers.  I quickly left the cafe and started to use the power I had, which slowed time down for everyone else.  I started to move quickly down the street toward the place I lived, which was now a four story hotel.  I kept glancing toward the backs of the houses, trying to see my pursuers.  I knew it was painfully cliche for me to return home if someone was hunting me.  I got into the hotel, and tried to get into the elevator.  I tried to push floor 3, and the elevator took me to the 4th floor instead.  Angrily, I tried to hit the 3 button again, but I realized that it wasn't there.  I remembered that the elevators only when to the second floor, so I went down the second floor.  I was sure the bad emporer had already discovered where I lived.  When I stepped out onto the second floor, I quickly found an elderly woman who worked for the hotel.  I admired the red carpet and pretty railing.  A bunch of well dressed people were all around.  I asked the woman where the stairs were.  I thought they were too the left, but she said they were to the right.  I started to walk, and she tried to come with me as if it leave me.  I turned and said I didn't need her help.  I started to walk away, activating my powers to walk quickly.  I was worried that my use of my powers would start to attract unwanted attention.  I went through a doorway of sorts and was starting to try to find the stairs.  I could see different numbered rooms, and I finally found the stairs hiding behind some curtains.  Instead of stairs, it was an escalator, which I climbed to the third floor.  I started to move to my room, when I noticed someone was following me.  It was a man, about in his forties.  I wondered how he was following me, as I was trying to move fast.  He indicated that he could augment his body to keep up with me.  I then turned and rushed toward my room.

When I got to my room, one of my old managers was getting there as well, trying to use a key.  He was frantic and worried about me.  I told him that I was alright and that I was trying to escape.

Then I was in a grassy area.  Two of my co-workers there, both of whom I was attracted to.  I remember looking at the one I felt more attracted to, and started to plan how I could use my powers to either see him naked, or touch him without him knowing it was me.  I remember looking at an analyzing him while I was talking to him and the other co-worker.  I thought if I moved quickly back and forth, that I would be invisible to people who didn't have powers.  I remember noticing that the guy was really aroused, and then he was changing his pants to get into a swimming suit.

Then I was in an underground training room with Shikamaru.  I was mostly trying to run away from him, but he could keep up with me.  I wondered how he could tell I was using my powers, when I was only using them to enhance me.  I tried to get him to tell me if he could tell if I was using my powers either way I would use them.  I then noticed a whiteboard with my name on it, and a description of my powers and what I could do with them.  I remember feeling pleased at this.

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