Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Strange Dreams 6Dec-7Dec2011

I was with a group of co-workers, and we were having to fight of a horde of..something.  One of the doors we had gone through was just about to burst open when a co-worker and I rushed over to push on it.  I wasn't strong enough to really help out much so the monsters go through.  So I zapped them with something.  Then we were able to escape one another of my co-workers, who could talk with plants, made a vine shoot out from one of the trees off into the distance.  All my friends jumped up and started to run along this vine.  It was only about as big around as my thumb, and they were all running along it just fine, like ninjas.  I tried to follow, but I slipped, and I had to quickly go hand over hand along the vine.

The vine darted around a corner into a building.  We all jumped off and went inside.  It was the place we had been looking for.  Because we had taken the vine, it would be harder to track us because we hadn't left any foot prints.  We came into a dark room that had some plants that would sort of light up the area, but only immediately around them.  In the center, there was a mass of vines that could only been seen every so often in the flickering light.  The co-worker that could talk with plants went forward, despite my protests.  I had been trying to send a small swarm of sparks into the area to try to light it up better.  The vines in the middle entangled him, and he started to cry out.  We were all worried to get closer because we didn't know what the vines were doing.  I finally got close enough, and he pulled free.  He muttered something about how the hope of the plants were too strong for him.  Then he said the plants had cried out because Juggernaut had started to hurt them.  That's when our enemies showed up.  I rushed to the entrance and saw two women in black coming toward the entrance.  I threw up a lightning shield to try to discourage them from coming into the room, but they walked right through it.  They laughed at me and showed me a metal amulet they had that protected them from my powers.  I got angry and made a sword out of lightning.  The woman just laughed, and then I swung, cutting off a part of her head.  I thought that was pretty gruesome.

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