Thursday, March 5, 2015

Late Night "Poetry" 4March2015

Sometimes at night 'poetic' things come to mind. Seems like all the things that swirl around my head actually manage to get coalesced into words.  This one seems to stem partially from depression and loneliness, but it does have some streaks of hope in it.

There is no moon.
 There are no stars.
 Just blackness staring down at me.
 The only heartbeat I feel is mine.
 Only my sheets give comfort.
 My dream the one will to go on.

The dream to find a harbor from my mind's storm,
 to find arms to nestle in,
 and gentle loving hands.
 Find a safe place to curl up and finally sleep in peace.

The dream is not realized,
 so I must take shelter beneath hope:
 the one comfort that remains.

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