Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Strange Dreams 21-22Dec2011

I came into a room, and there was a man there drinking some kind of yellow alcoholic beverage.  I remember being slightly annoyed with it, because the guy was going to be sleeping in the same room as me.  I then remember thinking that I could probably handle it, because I'd dealt with drunk people before.  I was just worried he would get angry.  He already was kind of grumpy.  He wanted something other than what he was drinking.  He rooted through the pantry, and picked up a few boxes of cake mix before putting them back.  I thought that he may want cake mix, but he didn't want what was there.  We went out of the house, and me and another person walked along a cement steps while the drunk guy cut across the grass.  I thought to myself 'Ah, the alcohol must be removing his inhibitions'.  We walked through a forested area.  There were a lot of dead leaves on the ground.  I could see one of our cats walking away, with his tail pointed in the air.  Then we ran across another cat, poking through the leaves.  I tried to call it, and it turned and hissed at me briefly.  I left it alone.  We finally got to a building, and the drunk man was searching through it.

We were at a table, waiting for our food to come in.  When it did, people were grabbing the plates of food to the left of what they ordered.  I had to correct them.  I had a friend to my left who was grabbing a piece of food instead of the can of Pepsi that he ordered.  We were leaving the table, and I had his can of Pepsi.  He was complaining that he wanted his Pepsi, so I shook up the can, and made another can for him.  Later, my friend was trying to do something, and I stretched for my power and enabled him.

I had a dream I was driving my Prius, and a strange light came on the dashboard, and suddenly the car became very hard to drive.  The light looked like a planet with a ring around it.  I got out of my car, and a man pointed out that my two rear tires had gone flat.  I got back in, and kept trying to drive.

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