Monday, December 5, 2011

My Strange Dreams 4Dec-5Dec2011

I had a dream I was at a family party of sorts.  There was a pool all around the outside part of the house.  I went for a swim in it, and discovered that there were three sharks in it.  One was a long, blue shark.  Another was a red kite-shaped shark.  The third was a blue and white hammer shark.  A friend of mine that I know from some support groups came up and told me that I had to kill one of the sharks.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to try it or not.  They swam past and they all avoided me, but the hammer shark turned around to give me a funny look, as if he knew something was up.  Again, the friend told me I had to kill one of them.  I didn't want to try to kill the hammer shark while he was in a group.  I tried watching them to see if they would split up enough for me to attack him.  Then the sharks said that they had to go patrol other houses.  The long blue shark and the red kite shark both left.  That's when my friend came up again, holding a red kite shaped plastic thing.  He said that if I used that, the hammer shark would think I was his friend before I attacked him.  I remember walking around a bragging to my family about it, but I never got around to actually attacking the shark.

I went inside, and there was all sorts of delicious food.  There was some tasty granola.  I remember trying to try a little bit of each and loving everything that I had to taste.  I then walked out into the back part of the house.  Some people were sitting around in chairs.  One man had his shirtless back to me and it was all sun burnt.  I remember feeling a sense of anxiety at seeing the man.  I recognized him.  I was attracted to this man.  I started to move sideways to try to get a better look at him, when he turned around.  I could see he had hair all over his chest and his stomach.  After a few moments, he put a sleeveless shirt on.  He was for a moment a man I met at Evergreen conference.  Then he was a man from my old singles ward in Layton, Utah.  I felt a sense of curiosity because I'd never seen the man take his shirt off before and I had always been curious of what he looked like.

Then I was driving in the car.  The driver was a man from my fraternity (who recently was married) and an old college room mate (who had the same first name as me, but was bigger than me, so he had the nick name "big <insertmynamehere>").  As we drove, we were talking.  Somehow the subject of homosexuality or same gender attraction came up.  The driver didn't seem to care, but my old room mate seemed to be looking at me suspiciously.  He even seemed to be a bit hostile.  Somehow, I knew that he knew.

We came to a gas station.  There were about four rows of four pumps.  Everyone drove in in the same direction and came up to a large wall just after the last pump in the row.  We pulled up to the last pump and I commented on how difficult it would be to get out of the gas station.  My fraternity friend said 'Indeed'.  The next thing I remember was that I was writing to a paper in Arizona about same gender attraction, and how it wasn't some evil, terrible thing.

Then I there was a little girl (one from the family I live with) and she was bugging me about what points were.  She held up two small bags with little round black things in them.  I told her I didn't know, and to go ask her parents.  She then moved into the bedroom to ask her parents, who were both still asleep.

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