Monday, November 7, 2011

My Strange Dreams 6Nov-7Nov2011

I had a dream that I was in some kind of fast food place.  They were serving strips of fried chicken.  I had some and liked it.  A friend of mine came up and talked about how some other food item was really good, but I thought it would be gross.  Suddenly the chicken strips in the warming area turned into that item and I wouldn't order it or eat it.  Then a number of people I knew showed up and one of them told me to listen to this guy explain something, because apparently we could understand each other.  I didn't understand the guy at all as he started to ramble on about some kind of computer project.  I yawned and leaned against the wall.

Then I had to defend some kind of messenger as he ran through a city.  I climbed up on one of the buildings and was shooting down that the guys that were shooting him.  Apparently, I could jump of buildings and glide, but it wasn't working.  Every time I would jump off a building, it would hurt my ankles because my feet would get caught on the building.  The bad guys would flash red when I pushed a button.  I zoomed in to start shooting one of the bad guys and suddenly my dad was watching me.  I felt embarrased that I was doing what I was doing.

Then I was at a friends house who was cooking breakfast.  He had a small toaster oven.  He had some kind of cake thing.  One half was spiraled and the other half was layered.  Apparently the layered half was pancakes.  The friend wanted me to move closer and I thought that I could move in, but I would have to check the internet out first.  Then I realized that I couldn't move out of my current place while I was looking down the stairs toward their basement.

Friends showing up in my dreams is a fun occurance, especially when they act like I remember them acting.  The second dream is rife with gameplay elements from Infamous.  I've been playing that game pretty often lately.  I find it odd that other games I play haven't showed up nearly as frequently as Infamous.

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