Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Strange Dreams 22Nov-23Nov2011

I had at least two dreams last night.  Both of them fairly intense.

In the first dream, I was wondering in some sort of dark underground cavern.  I opened a door into a room that was flooded with water.  There were about three solid platforms and some floating boxes.  There was something that we really need from across the room.  However, there was also something lurking in the water.  As one of us tried to cross, he slipped into the water and the thing got him.  I was discussing with another man in the group different ways we could get across.  I suggested we try digging around the room, but he didn't think that was a very good idea.  Instead, I finally decided I would try.  As I stepped toward the black water, I could tell the thing was moving toward me.  I was terrified of it.

Then I was flying through some kind of jungle, and ended up falling into some water.   The water was really deep, and there were some kind of octopus in the water.  I tried to swim to the surface, but it was really difficult.  And the water was pulling me further and further away from safety.  I finally ended up in some kind of suburban neighborhood, but there were jungle vines everywhere.  I was trying to find my way back.

I was getting into a helicopter with to other men dressed in black clothing.  We were flying into another Japanese town to try to deliver something.  As we got closer to where we were landing, it started to rain like crazy.  There also was some kind of battle going on.  Missiles were flying through the air.  We landed and got out.  Our package was inside some kind of box made out of interlocking parts.  We were in the building, waiting for the rain to pass.  Apparently it was too stormy to deliver our package.  The package was some kind of sphere.  Apparently at some point during the dream I was supposed to gain super powers.  I looked out a window and could see a piece of the box our package was in.  It looked like a black puzzle piece of sorts.  The other men were talking about how we couldn't fly in the storm.  We were then on the bottom of the building.  Something big pounded on the top of the building.  One of the men I was with told me it was some kind of giant monster.  I hid behind some debris.  I was really scared of it.  I finally managed to sneak away.  Then I realized I had lost the men I was with, so I started to look for them.  Finally I found a person that told me where they were.  Part of a wall opened up, and our leader was sitting looking up at me.  He told me he managed to enlist 4 music bands to help us look for our package.  One of the bands was Twisted Sister, who happened to be sitting down at the time.  We then set out to hunt for the pieces of our package.  Apparently we had some of them, but we had to find the purple, black, and another piece of the box it was in.  One of the pieces was near a fountain so I went over there to look.  At this point, I was a woman, but no one could tell because I dressed like a man all the time.  I was wearing a pale yellow polo shirt and I walked over to the fountain.  It was surrounded by a number of small shops.  I looked through them, trying to figure out where the purple puzzle piece was.  A man started to talk to me.  He said "I haven't seen you around here in awhile." Apparently I had interacted with him before.  I made up some kind of lie. "Oh, I was busy."  He didn't seem convinced.  I kept walking past his shop, intent on finding the puzzle piece.

That last dream was complicated.  I can still see flashes from it.  Scenes that I can't remember well enough to capture into words.  There were many different people.  Some just walking on the street, some in a diner.

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