Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Strange Dreams 7Nov-8Nov2011

I was in a dream, and I had to kill a person who was a necromancer.  They warned me that if I was getting attacked, I should hide in the cage unless he was using lighting.  If he was using cold, I needed to cuddle into the chest of cuddliness.  There were some other explanations on how to avoid each of his magic spells.  When I found him, there wasn't a cage or a chest anywhere nearby.  Somehow, I ended up in his house.  He didn't want to fight me, and wanted to talk instead.  I would try to start using my own spells on him when his back was turned, but he always seemed to turn around right as he was doing it.  At one point, I was watching a movie with him and some of his room mates.

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