Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Life Lessons Learned From Weather Patterns 22Nov2011

This morning as I drove to work, I was admiring how beautiful the mountains were with the sun shining from behind them and how the color of the clouds was changing.  Then I glanced down and saw that I would be soon be driving into a fog bank.

Once inside, I could no longer see the mountains in the distance.  At most, I could see about half a mile before everything would disappear in a gray haze.  As I drove, I realized that it would be easy to get lost in the fog.  It was difficult to see landmarks far away.  I imagined if I was walking and didn't know my way around, I wouldn't be able to find even the Walmart that was so close by.  I then realized that I knew where to go because I had driven the route so many times.  Then I thought, 'Even if I didn't know the route, there are maps.  I have my GPS.  I would be able to get to my destination just fine, even if I couldn't see the overall picture'.

That seemed oddly parallel to my life.  Sometimes, I can see clearly.  I can see the whole picture.  I can see where I'm going and what paths will take me there.  Sometimes, temptation arises and all I can see is the fog.  I have a hard time seeing into the next moment.  Making decisions becomes much more difficult.  Although, if I've traveled the roads that lead me to happiness many times in the past, I'll know which roads to take.  If I'm not sure, there are maps and other guides that I can take to help me get to the destination that I want.  I can read the scriptures.  I can pray.  I can listen to trusted individuals to try to figure out which path I want to take to get to where I'm going.

Even in the fog, I could still see the sun rise.  It struck me that God's guidance and love can penetrate even the thickest of temptations.  His love can always reach me, no matter where I am.

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