Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Strange Dreams 19Nov-20Nov2011

I can only remember some parts of the dreams I had last night.

In one dream, I got a tweet from a friend.  I remember it came on a piece of paper.  It said "Remember, you were the one that wanted to end it..."  It was referring to our friendship.  I remember feeling upset by reading it, because I knew it was partially true.

There was another dream where I was either watching a movie, in a movie, or reading a book about something.  There was a male otter that was traipsing through the woods.  He ran into a female otter that teased him.  At one point, the male otter was at one end of a hollowed out log, and the female otter came up behind him and scared him.  He fell out.  Then she went away and said they should meet again later.  She made spidery noises as she left, and he didn't like that.

Then the male otter started homeward.  Another female otter was walking through the woods, giving off clouds of a scent.  She was looking for a mate.  She saw the male otter leaping through the trees and called him down.  They talked for a moment, and then she asked him to do something.  She wanted him to cut himself, or throw himself onto a knife.  The male otter agreed and set it up so that her guard couldn't attack him while he did it.  He leaped into the air and onto the knife.  It cut him in the middle of his abs, and apparently it wasn't bleeding enough. The female otter smelled the one drop of blood that spilled on the ground and started to talk as if something was wrong.  She never got around to stating exactly what was wrong with the blood.

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