Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Strange Dreams 9Nov2011-10Nov2011

I remember I was in some kind of military unit.  I had just discovered I had super powers, the ones I always wanted.  I could absorb electricity.  If I had more control, I would be able to launch it at people.  For now, all I could do was run really fast. While I would run, electricity would start to arc across my body.  One of the guys in my troop commented that I was sparkling and I freaked out and said "Oh no!  I'm turning into Edward!" Then I wondered if the creator of Twilight would allow me to use that in my movie.  We were chasing down some trucks, and caught them.  Apparently to damage the people with my powers, I had to run up and touch them.  Later, we were going on a flying mission and the military had created a special flying machine just for me so that I would destroy it by touching it.

Then I had a dream I was in a sacrament meeting.  They turned the lights down and started to play some kind of weird Christmas movie and sing some really strange Christmas music.  Apparently, some people thought it was sacrilegious.  They opened up a divider, and there was a group of people sitting facing the other way of the people watching the Christmas movie.  There was a line of people standing, clapping their hands, and singing about how the current Christmas program was a thing of Satan.  I turned to my mom and commented on how their song had an atrocious melody.  Problem was, I couldn't hear the Christmas movie any more.  Frustrated, I finally got up to sit closer so I could hear it.  That's when I noticed I was sitting in my underwear in church.  I felt so embarrassed, but no one seemed to notice.  When the credits of the film started to roll, I darted to the back of the room, where somehow the row of chairs had turned into a grassy field.  I sat down and put my pants on.  Then I moved and sat next to my mom and put my arm around her.  She started to talk to me, asking me what I was doing.  I just said I was putting my arm around her because I loved her.  Apparently she thought I was trying to put the moves on her and then we ended up kissing briefly.  When it was over, I thought of how strange it was to be kissing my mother.

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