Friday, October 28, 2011

Video Game Music that I Like - Riders of the Light from Bayonetta

Today's music comes from a video game that I've really enjoyed called Bayonetta.  The game really deserves it's own blog post, because I think it's that awesome.

Bayonetta is an action game created by Platinum Games.  The main character is Bayonetta.  Twenty years ago she awoke in a coffin in the bottom of a lake.  All she knows is that she has the power to summon demons and must slay angels in order to keep her demonic masters silent.  She also owns a gemstone that is one of the "Eyes of the World".  Her journey begins as she seeks out the other gem in the set.  Disclaimer: Bayonetta is rated M for Gore, Strong Language, Partial Nudity, and Sensuous Material.

Riders of the Light is a song that plays during one of the early cutscenes of the game, and is also player during many of the battles throughout the game.  Although it's technically 'fight music', the song sounds more like  dancing music to me.  Upbeat, fast paced, and full of beautiful piano parts.  I'm quite fond of good piano music.  In my opinion, good video game music will evoke emotion and mentally prepare me for whatever it is I'm to do in the game.  Great video game music also is entertaining.  This song has lifted my spirits, and made traffic much more enjoyable.  Although I've found while listening to this in the car, I'm a lot more prone to speeding.

Enjoy!  And as Bayonetta would say "I've got a fever, and the only cure is more dead angels!"

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