Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Strange Dreams 24Oct-25Oct2011

I had a number of odd dreams last night. I find my dreams to be an odd combination of things I'm worried or obsessed about with random things my brain decides to remember.

In one dream, I went and visited the doctor about back pain. After diagnosing me, he told me to come back later for treatment. I returned for the second visit. And one point, I remember that I removed my shirt. The doctor had to rub some kind of cream onto my back as part of my treatment. I remember there was a second man there as well. I felt the doctor put some pressure on my left shoulder, pushing from left to right along the muscle. At one point, I felt his stomach pushing up against my bare back. I liked that.

As an analysis to the dream, the whole stomach thing reminds me of the dentists office. I hate going to the dentist, but I really like my dentist. Sometimes when he's working on me, his stomach pushes up on my arm. I find it very comforting. Plus, I really like to be touched. The shoulder being touched reminds me of getting a massage almost. Although my left shoulder has a strange knot in it that never seems to come out. As for visiting the doctor, I've seen the doctor twice for some chest pain. It is something that has me worried because we haven't figured out what's causing it yet.

I had a second dream where I was on some kind of island, and then I was to go onto a submarine. I remember there being a number of black hoses, a set of metal bars that were a ladder into the submarine. The hoses had air in them or something. Inside the submarine, it was a large open space with a number of sets of odd platforms. The platforms looked like giant tennis rackets, for lack of a better description. They would twist and move depending on where people were standing on them. They had some stable ones set aside for people to play basketball on. There were a number of people. Apparently one of them, a girl, was supposed to be helping me understand what I was doing on the submarine. Not being a member of the military, I had no idea what was going on.

This dream is just strange. I'm not entirely sure where it all came from. The platforms remind me somewhat of video game platforms.

I had a third dream where I was out playing tag on a hill. Some of my nieces and nephews were there. The hill was very steep. I remember at one point climbing up really high so that I could rush down and tag someone. It was a night, and my shadow was large and cast all over the playing field. Later, the hill came up to a terrace and it was light. One of my nephews wanted to go inside, and I had to go with him. I got angry, and said I didn't want to at first. He started to cry. His mom told me he wanted to go inside and brush his hair. I finally agreed, and as I looked down to see the hair I would have to brush, his hair looked like the hair of the little boy of the family that I'm living with currently. As I walked back out of the house, I remember seeing my brother in law leaning against a garbage can.

Well, I've played tag many times with my nieces and nephews. The hair replacement thing is bizarre. My nephew's hair and the little boys hair isn't anything alike.

Dreams can be strange beasts. I find them oddly refreshing. It's something new and interesting that I've never thought or considered before. Sometimes, I find dreams to be vexing and troubling, particularly if they include me doing things that I normally wouldn't do in real life, or if they remind me of things I wish I could forget. They also disturb me if they have some kind of sexual component to them.

Have any of you had any strange dreams?

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