Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Names I've gone by, Part 1

Over the years I have gone by many different names.  I've used these names on role playing forums, in Dungeons and Dragons games, and even names to describe parts of myself.  Each of these names has a different feel, and seems to call to a different part of myself.  I find it interesting how I can find my personality in these names.  I find it interesting how I can label my

Dougal - I remember while young, I was looking for a name for a character in an online roleplaying game.  I wasn't very sure what to call it so I opened up a book of names and meanings.  Dougal means 'dark stranger' and I thought it was fitting for my character's name.  Even in my real life, I've felt like a 'stranger' to those around me.

Beutimus - While on one of my jobs, one of my co-workers turned to me and said 'Beutimus!'  I don't know why, but that word has stuck in my head ever since.  The name has no official meaning.  For me, it can signify a person who celebrates beautiful things including themselves.  Usually this takes on either a sinister or twisted aspect, as external beauty becomes more important than anything else.

Tumm - I've used this name while doing live role playing with my brothers while going up.  As I've been on my journey of recovery, I've found I use this name to describe a part of my personality. This name will get a special treatment in my second post of 'Names I've Gone By'.

Lohmi - My first World of Warcraft character was named Lohmi.  I got it by using a random name generator.  Lohmi was a tauren.  He was big and beefy.  However, he was kind to his friends, albeit a bit grumpy.

Elementalist - While I role played on a set of forums, I went under this name.  Elementalist is more of a classification of magic users than an actual person.  It's from a story idea I've had bouncing around in my head for a long while.

Mika - A more recent name that I've used for a Dungeons and Dragons character.  He was a cleric that believed that he could only be safe if he could manipulate the others around him to keep himself safe.  He lived in a constant paranoia that people would know what he was up to.  So, he pretends to be nice if he can get something out of the person, and backstabs them if they appear to be threat.  As much as I hate to admit it, I do act like Mika.  I seek to manipulate the people around me.  In my post of 'Eternal Frustration' I shared that I feel intimated by larger men.  I do my best to try to 'pacify' them so that they won't hurt me, or possibly so that they will love me and affirm me.

Alek - Another Dungeons and Dragons character that has part of my personality.  Alek was never accepted by his father, but was accepted by an evil king.  He became the king's assassin (it was actually quite humorous because Alek was a wizard).  When he arrived at the party, he was quiet and wary.  What little he did say about himself was carefully filtered.  He lied and pretended.  He put up a mask so that the others wouldn't know what he was up to.  He assassinated a person that was the romantic interest of another character, and pretty crucial to keeping the world in balance.  He fully expects than when he has 'righted' things, that he will be executed for the assassination.

Simon - I've used this name frequently for different Dungeons and Dragons characters.  Simon is typically a wizard.  He is generally somewhat powerful, but overall naive and innocent.  He tends to not notice the obvious things and lives in blissful ignorance.  That is, until things come crashing down.  That is when he becomes deeply hurt and withdrawn.  He's taken on many different versions over the years.  I post under the name of Simon because I first used this account to play a 'play by blog post' Dungeons and Dragons game.

There is a set of some, but definitely not all of the names I've gone by.  The next post will cover Tumm, what the name means to me.  In the last post of this series, I plan on revealing my real name, and how I feel about it.

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