Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Strange Dreams 25Oct-26Oct2011

I had another series of strange dreams. I'll try to capture here what I can remember from them.

I had one dream where I was at a gym of sorts. Everyone at the gym was male though and a good majority of them had their shirts off. I remember walking around the gym, seeing people on treadmills. At one point, I had a tray with three glasses of ice water. I stuck one in a machine that produced filtered water. There were different settings for how filtered I could get it. The most filtered setting had a disclaimer that the process was really messy. I stuck in a full glass of water and pushed the button. More water poured into the glass, overflowing it. It left the bottom of the machine with a layer of water full of white sediment.

I then walked away from there, feeling frustrated resolve to stick in an empty glass next time. Then there was a problem in the gym. A group of guys had locked themselves up in a room. They had a microphone to talk to the guys in the room, so someone started to ask them questions. They answered strangely, always saying "We". They had somehow bonded their minds together, and there were twelve of them.

They finally let us into the room where they were sitting on these metal chairs with blue padding. Some of them went to go grab more chairs, some of which were blue and some of which were a light colored wood, for the newcomers. I went to go sit between two guys that I liked, but another man came up with a chair and basically said I couldn't sit there. Upset, I sat in the back row, a seat away from a man I didn't particularly like.

Then I was sitting right next to a couple from my old singles ward and I was naked, with only a white sheet to try to keep myself covered. I was very self conscious, but the couple seemed to be content with what they were doing: the girl sitting in the guy's lap and being romantic.

At one point during the dream, I had change into a round black thing. It had eyes, and apparently I was using it to travel. I had to travel across a very narrow, but deep canyon of sorts, so my idea was to let it fall to the bottom. Apparently it would break my leg, but I wouldn't need to deal with it until I turned back into my normal body.

When I was in my normal body, I had to ride around in a jeep to try to fend off some attackers that were raiding the place I was at. Somehow I was standing up, but riding around in a jeep, with a broken leg. That struck me as odd. I moved the broken leg, and it just felt sore.

I was then in some kind of strange facility. I remember jumping up on a table and looking down at a candle that was apparently some kind of breeder/producer. I heard a voice saying I needed to get it in line and that the tools to do it were in the garage. So I hopped off the table, went through a door in a dark and dingy room. There was a laptop there that was the portal to the garage. A small circle of purple appeared beneath my feet and I was teleported to the garage.

Except I was on a street, but it had walls of a room. A box appeared saying I had to rescue 100 people in a certain amount of time. A person from a group of people sitting on a couch pointed behind me to a 'person' I had to save that was on top of a TV. The person was a little waffle block person toy. I grabbed her, and stuck her in a clear box that I had. Then someone came to help me, and we managed to grab more people, and the tools, which included a clear plastic fork and a knife. I started to walk down the road.

Then I was in my bedroom with the same person that was helping me. I knew him. He was a friend of mine named Eric. Only now I was packing to go somewhere. He was very helpful, and it was annoying because he was being too helpful. He grabbed for me some jeans, but I didn't want those pants. I reached past him and grabbed a pair of my work pants to put in my bag. He made a comment about "Baby Blue" which apparently was a style that I was going for. Then I noticed he had removed everything from the top of one of my white dressers and had scrubbed it with something, leaving soap suds all over it. Then he had done the wall as well, which was painted white.

Another random dream snippet: I was in Brazil on my mission and the street number on my mailbox was wrong. I knew it was wrong because the post man had walked to the back part of the house where we lived to give us our mail previously. It was made of little plastic numbers I could slid in and out. I think the number it was supposed to be was 2798...or something like that. I was sliding the numbers in and out and the home owner came home. He said hello and I thought he was friendly. Then he came out a side door to read a newspaper.

Random snippet: There were two lions that had helped fend something off, and now where waiting to be picked up to be taken home. They waited on some white benches.

That was a lot of dreaming. I can see some influences of a game called 'Penumbra' for parts of the dream and 'Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker' for another part. I've been watching other people play through those games on YouTube. Funny they should show up. I could even sit a bit of 'Bayonetta' for one small part of the dream.

One piece, the part where I wanted to sit between two guys, is an actual experience I had. On Sunday, during Elder's Quorum, I thought we were going to split up into the two separate quorums. Instead, we were having a combined quorum. I moved up, and noticed a free space between two men. I have an attraction toward these two men. I was also thinking about a 'stigma' of a man sitting next to another man. Honestly, I've never heard someone tell me that it's bad for one man to sit right next to another man. I think it may be something I've just observed. On my way to sit between the two men, some men from the row behind them left, leaving a large number of spaces open. Not wanting to appear 'gay', I moved and sat behind the two men, instead of between them. By the time Elder's Quorum was over, one had left, and the other one had ended up teaching the lesson. Still, I was upset with myself that I didn't go and sit where I wanted.

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