Friday, October 28, 2011

My Strange Dreams 27Oct-28Oct2011

So busy dreaming last night that I forgot to sleep. Now I have a nasty headache, but that could be whatever cold thing I have coming on too.

I had a dream that I was in a world made of blocks (basically Minecraft). I was with a group of people and for some reason they had left me all alone. I realize we were pretty short on food, so I went over to a farm area we had. I tilled some of the ground and planted what few seeds we did have. Then I realized that we needed water to make them grow, and that I didn't have a bucket of water on me. There was a really pretty tree near the farm too. As I went back to a place where we had some supplies stored, we were mobbed by bunch of Creepers (see Creeper). They all exploded and destroyed everything we had, and most of the ground.

Anyways, we all died. We came back to life, and then died again. Apparently because we died twice in a row we had to get our bodies remade or something like that. There was a medical facility we went to, and there was some kind of remaking process that involved laying down in a pod of sorts. I didn't want to do it, because I was sure they were going to stick me with all sorts of needles. Apparently, the process also involved being cold and the possibility of being shocked. I remember walked almost into the room where they did it. I saw there were three pods, but there were four of us. Someone from our group realized that I would be left out, so he came back to come with me. Then a fifth person showed up. I don't think anyone ended up going in the pods at all.

Then I was on a starship. For some reason, we had to get someone who didn't want to be regenerated. Captain Janeway wanted us to go get him. I remember that he looked something like a cross between a man I met last night and Odo. The captain at one point was doing something weird to his face. His skin has some weird patches of color on it. He got angry and I think pulled a weapon out. There was an open door between us and the captain and some guards. the door closed, then reopened, and the captain was gone. Then Odo went after her.

There was a brief dream where I was driving at night and it was really dark. After weaving in and out of some lanes of traffic and going really fast, I realized it was really dark because my headlights were off. I reached with my left hand, and turned them on.

There was a dream where I was in a swimming pool, getting ready to race some other people on the other side of the pool. My team had three other people on it. I was wearing a pretty crazy rainbow looking wig. There were also two girls, one of which had this crazy red hairstyle (see jeweled band hairstyle). I finally took off my wig and was getting ready to race.

Then I was playing a game. This time, I was going to play through as the little girl. After selecting her, I started running through a ruined street (honestly reminded me of Infamous). I ran underneath and enemy because I was so short, and then started to shoot him with a bow. In order to shoot them, I had to hold down the fire button to draw the bow back. Even when I hit them, it seemed like it didn't do very much damage at all, even if I hit them in the head! The enemies looked like Reapers.

Some pretty crazy dreams if you ask me. Infamous seems to have influenced at least of them. I've played Infamous lately. I've been watching people play Minecraft. I don't understand that random Star Trek things though, although I've watched it before. Dreams are strange beasts.

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