Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Strange Dreams 28Oct-29Oct2011

I dreamed I was fighting a man.  He was big.  He was built like a body builder.  I could tell because he didn't have a shirt on. If he caught me, I was done for.  Still, I could fight him because I had a little guy that I could shoot that would shoot out white beams of light.  Those seemed to be able to hurt him, but not very much.  I was running around and shooting when I realized I could climb up on top of something so that he couldn't reach me.  I climbed up a metal light pole and was shooting him with light bolts from my hands when somehow I fell off.  I ran away and climbed up a pipe that was outside of a building.  A little child showed up, and somehow that made me fall down to the ground again.  At one point, we were throwing apples at each other.  I remember throwing angrily, but I couldn't seem to hit the guy.  When he threw them at me, he always seemed to hit.  Afterward, I helped clean up, and the apples were partially eaten.

Then I had a dream where I was part of a military unit.  We had to go into an insane asylum to help calm what was going on.  We stepped in, and found ourselves on a bridge that went across to a building that had two rows of windows on it.  We got inside one of the buildings.  I remember a body sudden flying up from below and plastering itself onto the ceiling, as if it had fallen onto the ground.  There was blood.  Then there were some of the inmates attacking us and we fended them off.  I remember the prison warden joined as at that point.

As an analysis, climbing up buildings and shooting from them, seems like the video game Infamous.  The gun that shot white beams is a weapon from Bayonetta.  The body builder guy and the insane asylum all seem like things from the haunted house last night.  They sure showed up pretty fast in my dreams.

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