Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Strange Dreams 3Feb-4Feb2012

I drove my car to the end of State and 5300 S and parked in a lot and then ran a race.  When it was done, it was overcast and I was no where near my car.  I needed to find a TRAX station so I started to walk to where I thought the nearest one was, somewhere west of the freeway.  A man I knew started to walk with me.  As we walked, I realized that I had no shoes on.  We climbed up on top of a really old stone building and I commented that this looked like something out of a video game.  The buildings were slanted sideways and very blocky.  We walked to the edge of one and realized that we were really high up, and needed to climb down.  It was raining, so my friend slid down a broken part of the building.  I wanted to follow, but I was angry because he had shoes on and I didn't.  Finally I found a way to slide down.  We had to squeeze around a large car and then we arrived at a friends house.  It was another man that I knew and he let me inside.  I saw his son, who apparently had some kind of mental disorder.  After a moment, I realized that my friend didn't have a shirt on, and it shocked me.  I was asking him for help, and he went off into his bedroom.  I followed him and noticed a tub just to the left that had just started to fill with water.  My friend was coming back out of the bedroom, and I moved back out of the way, thinking he would be angry that I started walking into the bedroom with him.  He came out and I had to help him begin to draw an imaginary map of Salt Lake on the wall.  He then indicated that I was going in the wrong direction.  Another friend of mine came in, and took his shirt off.  I was surprised that he had lost his tan.  My first friend than gave me a hand shake good bye and I went to give the other friend of mine a hug, and he said 'No thanks. I'm not into that.'  I felt rejected and walked outside with my hood up.  It was raining outside and a car had just pulled up into the driveway, and was backing up.  Then there were two more cars.  All of them had open sides and were chock full of people cosplaying as characters from the Lord of the Rings.  I could see a Gandalf, a Frodo, and others.  They were going to honk at the house and try to get the time to put on their car.  I told them that I didn't have a watch on or my phone, so I didn't know what the time was.  I then asked if they would be willing to take me to the TRAX station.  I had to explain what it was, and they finally, reluctantly agreed to take me there, so I got in the car.

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