Friday, February 3, 2012

My Strange Dreams 2Feb-3Feb2012

I was on a ship, and we needed to infiltrate an island.  There was a walkway/base of sorts that was built up in a spiral around the island and I needed to take out all the guard without causing any attention.  They gave me a gun, and I thought it was really stupid.  I swam over, careful to avoid being seen by the first guard, and then started to sneak up a ramp, using a giant shoe as my cover.  Then I took aim and tried shooting the guard in the head, but he dodge out of the way.  Then I shot him a few more times in the body before hurrying to the next guard.  I took him out but he was harder.  Then the third one was too hard for me to hit with my gun, and he was shooting me.  I was using my arm to deflect the bullets.  Finally, I decided it was too rough, so I decided to flee.  I jumped down into the water and was expecting to hit the bottom.  I started to get a horrible sinking feeling and panicked.  I needed air, so I used my magic to shoot myself up through the water where I could finally breath.

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