Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Strange Dreams 1Feb-2Feb2012

I had a dream that I was searching for a hidden item of some kind.  I was running through an area when suddenly I was controlling a character and punching my way past some guards.  I wondered why my character wasn't using his sword, and then he pulled it out to beat up another guard (who looked like one out of the Aladdin Disney movies).  As he beat up the guard, a little percentage thing appeared, eventually going up to 50% and the guard was slammed against a wall.  Suddenly the guard became flat and small.  My character mimicked it, spun around, and suddenly looked like the guard.  Then he went hopping out of the room.  I ran across a big empty room, and realized I would need something else.  I grew an elephant trunk and jumped off a ledge, using the trunk to grab a hold of a round plastic thing that was embedded in the wall.  I was then hanging by both hands from a small hole in the wall.  I had to go to another one next to me, so I reached over and pulled one of the plastic things out.  Then I jumped over to that one.  I did that a few times until I was able to get something.

That's when my family showed up, and they were admiring what I had done with the wall.  My mom wanted to take my pictures and I needed some to show to the family I was living with.  She opened up the vertical blinds out to a porch where she would take my picture.  She stood inside and I went out on the porch.  I leaned against the railing and looked into a the sun, thinking about how epic the picture was going to look.  My mom laughed, and said something about how hard it was to take a picture through the blinds.  She brought the camera super close to my face, and I could hear the camera click a few times.  I turned around, and saw a bunch of people and a wide open plaza from Brazil.  I told my mom we should get a picture from there, although I was worried all the people that were in the picture would want copyright.  I turned the other way to another big plaza, that was empty, and thought that would be a better picture.  I turned back to the populate one, the bus station and started to walk toward it.

I was swimming with another really long fish.  Or as a long fish.  I went up and down, trying to get away.  We came out of a cave, and suddenly there were three sharks in front of us.  I quickly turned.  Then the fish I was with had to go see his mother, but I couldn't come close.  The first time, his mother had been in a really deep, dark part of the sea, and I couldn't see her.  This time, I could hear her speak and could see her.  She looked a bit like a cardboard box labeled computer.  My friend fish was talking about how he and I didn't have very many memories of our mother. I then thought that we may have been created by the computer and given false memories.  Then my friend said that he had to speak alone. He turned into Inuyasha, and used his super long white hair to pick me up and throw me in a room.

Inside the room was Lina, Amelia, and Gourry. We all sat around waiting for a friend. Suddenly he was in the room and had changed his form to look like Zelgadis.  Apparently, we had to fight, so he and I had a magical duel.  We did that so that his mother wouldn't be suspecting anything.  Then we had to walk outside of the room, and his mother was there waiting for us with some guards.

I had gone back in time, and I was in a low tech hospital.  I had to be very careful with the magic I had so that I wouldn't cause any havoc.  I decided I didn't care and started to cast a fireball, when a random Asian guy jumped out of nowhere and used a fireball to counter mine.  Then I pointed my fingers at him and shot some more magic at him from a few of them.  I started to use a Dragon Slave, but I couldn't remember all the words to cast it.  He tried to fireball me, but I shrugged it off with a secret defense shield I had cast earlier and threw my own fireball back at him.

I was coming out of a grocery store to my car, and realized that I had left the passenger side back door open.  Another man was parked in a red car and was watching mine. I realized that he was a stalker and had found me.  I carefully closed the open door, got in mine and took off as fast as he could to my group.  I knew that if I drove fast enough, he wouldn't be able to follow me.

Then I was in a backyard.  I could hear dog barking coming from small wedges in the ground, where a lower level was.  I could hear a man yelling at the dog to be quiet.  Then I looked up, and he came out of a fence.  He was a fat man, with a mustache.  He stalked away. I remarked at how the part of his yard was no where near his house.  I decided to climb up to another area where a horse was standing.  A dog was underneath the horse, sniffing it's underbelly.  That's when I started to pet the horse, or I wanted to.  The horse turned it's head toward me, and I was worried it would bite me.  I wondered how the horses face looked so human like. Then it spoke to me, in a high voice, about how it wanted to give itself a haircut.  It grew a shaggy mane. I then turned back to the horses head and had a fright when an eye was peering at me from the middle of its forehead.  It kept talking, and suddenly it had many eyes in his head.


As a post-dream analysis, I've probably been watching too much Slayers (That's where all the magic duels, Zelgadis, Lina, etc come from).  The wall hanging and punching is obviously from Uncharted, a video game. I have no idea where the creepy horse with eyes came from.

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