Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Strange Dreams 6Jan-7Jan2012

I was running up to a town with another man, when suddenly a dragon's face appeared.  The man I was with yelled about hiding because of what the dragon was about to do.  That's when the dragon breathed fire in the shape of a bird.  Quickly, we ducked down behind some stone to dodge the flames.  Then I started to run away.  The dragon was about to breath the same fire in the shape of a bird thing and I didn't know where to hide.  I spent about a minute trying to decide if some stones would protect me but I jumped and hid behind them anyways.  I remember it being really hot.  Then I kept running.  Suddenly, little dwarves were attacking me.  I remember twisting sideways and dodging.  One of their spiky balls on a chain flew just in front of my face.  I thought about how good I was at dodging them and then I ran into the building.  I was horrified to find that the enemies in the building where standing electric fans.  I remember knocking them down.  Finally, I grabbed one and was using it to knock down the other fans as I ran through the corridors of the building.

I was in a friends house and we had just finished playing a game of some kind.  We were just about to leave when some of the guys started pounding on the piano and yelling really loudly.  That's when an old landlord knocked on the door and said 'Hey, I thought only two basses and a tenor lived here.  We're going to move you into the upper left because you're so loud.  the rest of you, leave'.  I quickly picked up a small TV that was part of my computer and took it into the car.  I drove off toward the freeway exit and realized right as I was getting on the exit, that I had forgotten my TV.  I quickly got off of the onramp, but the road I was on was only a one way road...and I was going the wrong direction.  I quickly swerved around a car, and then kept going, suddenly in a place where none of the roads would work and I wasn't able to make a U-turn.  I finally found a small road that looked like it was part of a trail system.  I veered off to the left and made a U-turn around and was heading back in the right direction.  There was another car and I saw that the guy in it was really good looking and there was a brief flash of him being shirtless.  I wondered if he really was shirtless, or if I was just imagining it.  I stopped at a game store and went inside.  That's when two of my friends from my support group showed up.  They were smiling and sort of goofing off.  I finally went back to my car and one of my friends was standing right outside my driver door as I got in with a phone camera.  I thought that was weird, and then turned and saw my monitor in his car.  I was exicted that my friends had picked up the rest of my computer for me.

I was in some plains throwing firebolts at mammoths, and then these dinosaur creatures that also had little men that were apparently very strong.  I remember I had just barely unlocked something that let me stun monsters when I doublecasted firebolts.  I thought it was pretty cool because I could fight a whole group and they couldn't get close to me because I kept stunning them.  It was a pretty hard fight.  I remember one point holding up my mouse, pressing both buttons and threatening the monsters with it.  Then suddenly Bayonetta came out of nowhere and was using wicked weaves to kill one of the monsters.  Then we were fighting angels together, Joys specifically.  I was using my firebolts and she was using her wicked weaves.


Apparently, I played way too much Skyrim last night before going to bed...or I enjoy throwing firebolts at monsters in that game a little too much. :)


  1. I was just about to say, "You've been playing Skyrim, haven't you!?"

  2. Yes. I was playing it last night, and suddenly, it was 12:30 AM! Skyrim has mystical powers to make time fly by.