Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Strange Dreams 14Jan-15Jan2012

I tried to run away from something and I ended up getting captured.  I was taken into a room where a really big guy was supposed to torture me.  Instead, he went into the room with another captive that was more dangerous than I was.  Somehow, I could tell the guy really wanted to be touched, yet it hadn't happened very much in his life.  I reached in and briefly touched his shoulder.  Somehow he mentioned holding, so I decided to ease into it and I put one of my arms around the guy.  He seemed to be enjoying it.  Later, he and I went out walking.  We were supposed to go somewhere.  I noticed that I wasn't restrained in any way.  Somehow I was on an honor system not to take off, but I was planning on ways that I could ask for help without getting caught.

After talking with some guy, I needed to get the engine in my car replace.  He said he would do it for $350.  I finally decided to do it, and I drove my car into the shop.  After some just walking around, the guy said he could do it, and it would cost $425.  He wanted the sum in either $1 bills or quarters.  I was shocked at that.  I told him I couldn't possibly do that because I didn't have the resources.  He relented and said he could probably do $10.  I thought that was a bit more reasonable.  Then he told me he would need 10 hours to do it.  I was shocked at that too.  It was already about 10 o'clock at night, so I didn't know who to call that could pick me up and take me home until I could come back for my car.   Finally, some of my friends parents picked me up.  Before I could ask them what I needed, they took off with me in their car.  We drove for awhile west, and the father was saying something about how we had missed a turn.  We made a right and were pulling into a car wash area when one person nearly ran over another person that was walking.  Finally, there was an opening so we started to pull up into one of the stalls.  I was freaking out the whole time because I had to get back to let the guy know he could start working on the car.  As we were pulling up, we passed the person who nearly ran over the other.   She was a lady with a really creepy face.

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