Thursday, February 7, 2013

Music That I Like: Keep Holding On

I have to say, it's been kind of an interesting ride since my last post.  Christmas was great!  I actually wasn't sick for once (although I did have a nasty headache, that doesn't count, right?).  I've moved into a new ward, and it's been very interesting.  It takes me awhile to warm up and make friends, so it's a matter of me continually trying to be there and be present.

This last week has been pretty rough.  After a visit with my therapist, my massage therapist, and a pretty vulnerable post to the ward's Facebook group, I was feeling the effects of a 'vulnerability hangover'.  Yesterday, a co-worker brought up the whole BSA policy thing regarding homosexuals   I will not get into the politics of it here.  After our conversation, I was so upset, I had to leave work.  I was crying really hard (I'm glad I got home in one piece).  I spent the rest of the day exhausted.  Things are now resolved and much better at work now.  Honestly, I think it was just another blessing.  It helped me get in touch with some sadness I've been ignoring for the past year or two.

That being said, the song I want to share today is all about enduring and holding on.  I know the Savior frequently holds out his hand to me.  Weathering the storm requires that I keep on holding on to it. Enjoy!

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